What We Do

Redflash Marketing is a premier provider of promotional products (say that ten times fast!).

We know that you have options when it comes to promotional products. There are other companies that do a good job and you could always do it yourself on the internet and save a few dollars, right? Yup, you certainly could.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused -after all, aren’t we supposed to be selling ourselves here? – it’s time for you get to know us a little better. At Redflash, we take pride in doing things just a little differently.  Our website might be your first clue to that.

Let’s say you’re looking at ordering a pen to promote your business. Instead of expecting you to sort through thousands upon thousands of options for a single pen, we ask you a few simple questions:

  • how many do you want to purchase?
  • what are your company colors?
  • how much are you looking to spend?
  • other than ‘for writing’, what are you going to use the pens for? (i.e. giveaways at a tradeshow? for daily use in the office?)
  • what’s your favorite movie? (just kidding, but we do like to get to know our clients!)

Your Redflash rep will then go through the thousands of pens available and narrow down the best options for you based on your answers to the above questions and our personal experience. We put products to the test so that you can be sure that you’re going to receive a high quality product in your budget.

We align ourselves with only the best suppliers so that we can make sure that you get the best promotional products for your money. But that’s not all, our relationships with these suppliers means that if there are ever any problems with your order, we know that we can work with them until you are happy with your order. Try doing that with an online provider!